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Nobody tell the Liberal Party and the right-wing crazosphere that their AWU smear campaign is kind of backfiring. Encourage them in their delusion that they’re drawing blood, that they’re on a winner, that Australians really are determined to vote at the next election on whether Julia Gillard opened a file or wrote a completely accurate letter on instructions almost twenty years ago. Yeah, that’s definitely going to work! You’re doing well guys! Keep it up!

Yeah, Tones! You’ve got her on the ropes!

It reminds me somewhat of the US right-wing obsession with Benghazi before the US election, and whether Obama called it terrorism quickly enough. Or whatever it was – it was another one of these frenetic concoctions full of sound and fury and signifying very little indeed. Anyway, in the weeks leading up to the US election, if you’d relied on Fox News for your information (and an…

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Regular readers here would be all too familiar with the propaganda printed in the Herald Sun on the 22nd May 2012, in response to Craig Thomson’s address to the parliament.

Those who are unaware of what was in the article will surely remember the front page, pictured below.

I have always held the belief, and widely shared it, that this article is nothing more than right-wing propaganda. This is not the sort of article that belongs on the front of a major newspaper, and it is not the sort of opinion that a company like News Ltd, who controls a massive chunk of Australia’s media, should be printing portrayed as fact.

This shocking article was a clear example of what a witch hunt looks like, and a text-book case of trial by media. Complete with a trial by a readers jury, and a “Reader Verdict” of guilty this was an…

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“The inclusion of so many white players makes the exclusion of black players all the more inexplicable—and inexcusable.”

Corey Robin

Two weeks ago I wrote, “When Steven Spielberg makes a movie about the Holocaust, he focuses on a German. When he makes a movie about abolition, he focuses on a white man. Say what you will, he’s consistent.”

My comment was inspired by historian Kate Masur’s excellent New York Times op-ed, which argued that Spielberg’s film Lincoln had essentially left African Americans offstage or in the gallery. In Spielberg’s hands, blacks see themselves get rescued by a savior who belongs to the very group that has ravaged and ruined them. Just as Jews do in Schindler’s List. The difference is that in the case of emancipation, blacks—both free and slave—were actually far more central to the process of their own deliverance.

Thanks in part to documents from the National Archives that historians began to rigorously amass and organize in 1976—resulting in the multi-volume Freedom: A Documentary History…

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