Another great article from Turn Left

Turn Left 2013

by 99, editor of TurnLeft

Tony Abbott really wants US-American style campaigning in this country. Why would someone think that? He keeps talking about it, and he keeps trying to do it, even though everyone else has so far resisted.

US-American campaigning that Tony Abbott refers to is vicious, deliberately misleading, at times racist, paid for by private corporations (the Citizens United ruling in 2010 reaffirmed “corporations are people too” and can make unlimited donations to campaigns), attack ads which benefit the Right enormously, regardless of content.

Here is what Tony Abbott promised back in october “The next election campaign will be the filthiest and the most personal in living memory.” (Source: Lateline 18-10-2012, link here)

Yesterday on The Today Show, Tony Abbott mumbled his way through a hard-hitting interview with Lisa Wilkinson (who is one of the few journalists in this country to…

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