So important. Turn Left points out the importance of compulsory voting. Who it favors.

Turn Left 2013

by 99, editor of Turn Left

I like the Australian system of voting, I even like that it is compulsory.

The IPA (Institute of Public Affairs Australia – right-wing think tank who refuse to publish their donors) have been encouraging the Liberal Party to move to voluntary voting under a Liberal-National Government.

Once people don’t value their vote enough to use it, the next step is to remove groups of people from voting – those who don’t own property, those who weren’t born in this country, married women, people under 21, people over 80, anyone who has ever been to prison, anyone on government benefits.

Now that is a slippery slope we should all be concerned about.

Voluntary voting favours the Right Wing, repeating that for all the Lefties who say voting should be compulsory: Voluntary voting favours the Right Wing.

One study found that…

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