Behind the Yellow Tape

Air date: Fri, March 23, 2012
Guest: Lonnie Athens

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Lonnie Athens was senior research criminologist at Georgetown University Law Center  and now teaches in the criminology department at Seton Hall University. After graduating from Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Mr. Athens continued his criminology studies at the University of Wisconsin.  After college, Mr. Athens interviewed inmates about their criminal lives and social experiences,  focusing on the areas of Iowa and California for his interviews.  Mr. Athens also worked as a probation and parole officer in northern Virginia in 1986. He took all of  his findings and his studies and put them together to form the book, “The Creation of Dangerous Violent Criminals“, in which he discusses his theory and the cases he studied along the way. The theory he developed is known as The Process of Violentization.  This theory focuses on nature…

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