Tell me lies

Café Whispers

The Coalition save their best lies for the election campaigns. Some comments on this blog (and Facebook) about that very thing have attracted enough debate to suggest that it should run as a topic in itself.

Let’s briefly look at some of those lies.

There’s John Howard’s “There will never ever be a GST” way back in the late 1990s, which has been all but forgotten by the media and the right-wing hit squad, the same groups who scream pathetically about Julia Gillard’s ‘carbon tax promise’.

There’s John Howard’s lie about ‘children overboard’ leading up to the 2001 election, which delivered the Coalition a dark victory.

In 2004 Howard not only lied about interest rates always being lower under a Coalition Government, but also lied when he claimed he never said it at all; a claim that has been proven wrong thanks to YouTube. Like the little weasel he was…

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