Café Whispers

In July some time an armed robber stole $500,000 in cash from a city bank here in Canberra. Two bank workers were shot during the hold-up, with one dying two days later in hospital.

The community outrage shook the capital. The media demanded blood. The offender needed to be captured as soon as possible before more people fell victim to this wicked, evil man.

Demands for the reintroduction of the death penalty screamed across the daily news. And naturally, Tony Abbott was asked to comment:

“This is what the carbon tax has done to innocent Australians. Unsure of their future, Julia Gillard has driven this hard working Australian to the point of despair. I feel for his family. But having said that, he needs to be reprimanded as quickly as possible and brought to trial. As Prime Minister I will ensure that all criminals are captured within five minutes of…

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