No, no, no and no

Café Whispers

Fresh (not jet lagged) from his photo shoot with the troops in Afghanistan, Tony Abbott was quick to bounce off his plane upon arrival in London shouting ‘no’, with a few other words chucked in for our sheer entertainment. He actually managed a couple of paragraphs that didn’t even mention the word ‘no’, however, ‘no’ would have been an economical replacement to the responses he gave to some questions.

We learn:

Tony Abbott insists there is no coalition conspiracy linked to a sexual harassment claim against former Speaker Peter Slipper.

He continues:

“The Labor party should accept that there are no conspiracies here; there are no conspiracies whatsoever”.

Asked about his involvement in the case against Mr Slipper:

Mr Abbott replied “none whatsoever”, and also denied knowledge of any role played by his federal Coalition members . . [he] insisted he had no “specific knowledge” of the matter until it…

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