MurdochtweetRemarks and compilation by Barry Tucker  @btckr

Complaints of biased political reporting continue to be received in 2013/14/15. News outlets most often complained about were the Murdoch-owned News Corp Australia newspapers, channel Ten (The Bolt Report) and the ABC (television, news websites and Twitter accounts). During late 2012 and increasingly in early 2013, complaints were being made about bias in the ABC’s complaints handling process. The Fairfax-owned press began to soften its Labor bias soon after Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s “misogyny speech” (9 October, 2012), but resumed its negative stance following a poor performance by Labor in a mid-February Nielsen poll.

Some time ago (it’s hard to say exactly when, or why) mainstream news media (MSM, and I include the ABC in that group) began to abandon the principles of objectivity, fairness and balance.

The Action Front for Truth in News Media is running a campaign to contact…

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