A Baffling Ordeal

The annoying thing about Twitter’s constant state of outrage (aside from the obvious annoyances associated with a medium in a constant state of outrage) is once in awhile the righteous ire spewed at a target is completely justified. Sure, it’s a stopped watch, but it stands to reason that occasionally it actually is bullshit-o’clock. The difficulty is that these moments are hard to spot because they tend to look identical to the moments when people are just getting their hackles up because, for some reason, up is where they’ve decided their hackles live now.

The past week is a really solid example of this. After Justice Rares handed down his verdict on the Peter Slipper affair, a few things happened. First, once it became apparent how scathing the judgement was, a large group of people on the Internet shat their digital pants or blew their virtual load, or an unseemly…

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