Turn Left 2013

image Penny Carter and text Trevor Sharp

And for your entertainment pleasure today, under the Big Top we have the Tony Abbott’s Bible Preaching and Snake Oil Medicine Show

Snake Oil, now contains traces of actual snakes… mainly pythons and cobras.

how much will it cost, Professor Abbott? just your entire future and the future of the planet

Watch as with a few magic words the Amazing Abbott transforms himself from a wall-punching, woman-hating, student-groping, semi-literate, non-reading, anti-boatist, into a potential Prime Ministers with 6 little words “Have you met my wife, Margie?”.

hey presto, the public is bedazzled

Watch as the Clowns and Marionettes in the Coalition Shadowy Cabinet count to the magical number of Eleventy – a number so big that only they know what it is.

Although, they have been reduced to counting on their fingers and toes, as Joe Hockey sold the LNP calculator…

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