Case For Voluntary Voting in Australia

Turn Left 2013

BY Penny Carter and Janet Sharp

The Liberal Party, Murdoch Media and the IPA want voluntary voting. When Left-wingers advocate voluntary voting they are playing directly into the hands of the Right-wing.

If anything, this should be a huge red flag waving in the breeze that this would be a disastrous move for Australia.

Voluntary voting would also knock about 5% or 7-9% (depending on the study) off the Left-wing voting, this would be go a long way to ensure permanent Liberal-National governments.

Modelling of voluntary voting at elections has been hampered by inadequate data. Views vary from the Liberal Party increasing its share of the two-party preferred vote by about 5%, thereby gaining a significant advantage, to more modest increases for the Liberal Party and the Greens and decreases for independents, the Nationals and, to a lesser extent, the ALP.
Source: Australian Electoral Commission Compulsory Voting In Australia

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