My new best friend, Tony Abbott.

Turn Left 2013

At 11PM on a saturday night an amazing story broke in the Murdoch media, a story which sent shockwaves through social media. Shockwaves? or perhaps ripples of laughter.

Tony Abbott’s chief-of-staff says he cares about women’s issues.

(Source: here)

This cannot be true?

But we here at TurnLeft have done our research, and, we agree with the woman who collects her paycheque from Tony Abbott. The man who is not Prime Minister really is progressive on women’s issues.

Murdoch says so
A puff piece with an Abbott employee, Peta Credlin (for those who don’t know, Credlin is the wife of Brian Loughnane, the current Federal Director of the Liberal Party of Australia), in the Murdoch press says that Tony Abbott is progress.

It must be true. Neither Murdoch nor Peta Credlin would have an agenda. Right?

Tony Abbott cares about the education of women “it’s…

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