Anti-Porn Feminists

MRAs have to go to great lengths to find examples of ‘misandry’, since ‘misandry’ does not exist on any institutional or cultural level. Individual women (and men) may well hate men as a group, and if they do, they probably have very good reasons for that hatred, but that does not prove that there is any ‘anti-male’ bias in society.

Well, one MRA thinks he’s found an example of ‘misandry’ … in a cartoon aimed at little girls!

MLP FiM_Feminist

So, what is wrong with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? Misandry. […] Males are being underrepresented, there are no male lead characters in this show. […] Spike is a baby dragon, not a pony, plus he has a minor role in the show, thus he cannot be considered as a main lead. […] Big Macintosh is another secondary male character in the show. He is shown as a…

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