Turn Left 2013

Tony Abbott is the man who prides himself on being “Dr No”.

Tony Abbott is the man who has spent practically every day since he failed for form government after the election in 2010 on the most relentlessly negative pre-election campaign this country has witnessed.

Tony Abbott is the man who has promised “the next election campaign will be the filthiest and the most personal in living memory” (source).

Tony Abbott will say anything to get a headline, and he knows he has a willing media on their knees to report his every utterance.

So Tony’s Stunt-Of-The-Day is to complain about how unpopular he is.

Tony Abbott’s latest roll of the die is to play the victim.

Look at moi, look at moi, I’m unpopular.

Source: here

If Tony has nothing new to say, he just puts on his hard-hat, visits a construction site and repeats his…

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