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Victims’ rights groups have called for a registry to be set up to alert residents when Members of Parliament enter their community. They argue the measures are necessary to protect children and other vulnerable members of society from the dangerous amounts of bullsh*t that certain politicians discharge.  

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‘Revealed! The media conspiracy against the Government.’


Café Whispers

If you think there’s been a media campaign to discredit the Gillard Government, then you’re on the mark. It has not been your imagination. A source, a senior media executive I cannot name but for the sake of this article I will refer to as ‘Peter’, has revealed the strategies used and the motivation behind them.

“The Murdoch media has been leaning to the right since the Whitlam days but the anti-Labor meme was really ramped up just before the 2010 election. The catalyst was Murdoch’s luncheon with Tony Abbott, where the NBN (National Broadband Network) must have been the main talking point as the very next day Abbott publicly announced that he’d rip up the NBN”.

“He pissed a few of us off by jumping too soon, thinking that people might tie the announcement to the meeting with Murdoch, which luckily they didn’t. The NBN will effect Murdoch’s profits…

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‘Enter the Baron, Exit the Truth’-Barry Tucker


media fail

By Barry Tucker                    26 February, 2013

Vince O’Grady was a police constable in the UK before migrating to Australia in the 1970s. He found a different society, one with a better mannered news media than the one he left behind. He was just in time to witness the emergence of two news media barons: first Kerry Packer and then Rupert Murdoch. Mr O’Grady says the nature of Australia’s news media has changed under the influence of these two men. In the case of Rupert Murdoch, it has changed for the worse.

After detailing the background, Mr O’Grady contrasts the work of on-line magazine Independent Australia and their investigative contributor, Peter Wicks, on The Thomson Affair with the interest the mainstream news media (MNM) has shown in the matter. Mr Wicks worked with an informant and upstaged the MNM by detecting flaws in…

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The Australian Independent Media Network

  HVanishStainRemoverere is another great contribution from guest blogger Kay Rollison. Enjoy!

As Labor does poorly in recent polls, we’ve started to hear a new line that is a version of an old one – it doesn’t matter if Tony Abbott wins, because he won’t do anything different. This comes from the cynics – the ‘we’ve seen it all before’ brigade – and some Greens, who are trying hastily to find an electoral space that is different from Labor’s.

The line we’ve heard before, usually pushed by ‘more in sorrow than in anger’ journalists from the non-Murdoch mainstream media, is that each of the major parties is as bad as the other, and that they are therefore both the same. This argument is about political tactics. For example, if you promote Slipper to Speaker, you deserve Ashby. This new variant is about policy, and it is appearing in both…

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The Gender Report

The Gender Report provides a weekly round-up of links to online articles that may be of interest to our readers. The links below are to noteworthy articles on topics related to women in journalism and the media during the past week. Articles included in this feature do not necessarily reflect the views of The Gender Report or its writers. View past week’s round-ups here.

Reading List

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Hollywood Pipeline: Still a Pipe Dream for Women? (Huffington Post)

UNESCO Launches Women Make the News 2013 (UNESCO)

Objectifying Reeva Steenkamp is No Way to Cover the…

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Mr Abbott’s Witch Hunt-(Miglo)

The Australian Independent Media Network

Witch hunt

Tony Abbott has promised to do many things if the LNP win the 2013 election. This promise, now a couple of months old, has been stuck in my craw: Driven by populism, not policy, he has promised to hold a judicial inquiry into Julia Gillard’s actions as a lawyer should the Coalition win the 2013 election. And have no doubts about it; he will hammer this issue religiously during the campaign. Not content to simply ‘ditch the witch’ he wants to conduct a witch hunt into irrelevant matters that were played out almost twenty years ago; matters that will mean absolutely zero to the country should Julia Gillard lose the 2013 election. Some of us would argue that those matters mean absolutely zero in this present day, but that’s another story. Twenty years later, on this irrelevant issue:

Mr Abbott insisted again that Ms Gillard had committed a crime in…

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The Oscars

The Opinioness

Oscar statuettes

Originally published at Bitch Flicks as part of their 2013 Oscar Week series.

When people watch movies, they often think it’s just entertainment. That they don’t really matter. But media impacts our lives tremendously. Films reflexively shape and reflect culture. Feminist commentary is vital.

It might seem like they don’t but the Oscars matter. The Oscars are the most visible celebration of filmmaking in the U.S. and possibly the world. They can also positively impact career trajectories in financing and future themes in film. Called “liberal,” Hollywood continues to exhibit conservative and sexist values and norms. Too often, films depict misogyny, sexist gender roles, damsels in distress, women killed, and women’s bodies objectified. The Oscars typically reward women for playing roles that support a central male character in films.

The Academy is 94% white, 77% male, often perpetuating sexism and racism with their white, dude-centric accolades. Women and people…

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