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I have clarified and expanded upon the concepts of this entry in a new post. The comments on that entry are closed to MRAs and anti-feminists at large, but I encourage reading it, as I think it’s a more accessible, thorough discussion of the issue.

If you have the stomach for it, type “misandry” into Google, and take a gander at what you’re rewarded with. The internet is chock full of self-righteous misogynists who think us “female supremacists” just need to “have some sense fucked into us” (because nothing inspires faith in your concept that sex equality already exists like your reinforcement of rape culture, and the idea that us little ladies just need a good deep dicking to set us straight). It’s a really disturbing look not only at the very real hatred that still exists for women, but also of the pointed ignorance it takes to the…

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