Life In The Patriarchal Matrix

It has been interesting to observe how men react to women who uphold positions of power in social circles; whether it is a rock band, or in a political protest, men will find ways to sexualize women. Look at any metal band video with a woman at the front, screaming her ass off. Then read the comments; at least 70% of the comments will be about how attractive the female vocalist is and how “loud” she might be while engaging in sexual intercourse with the commentor. These are not isolated incidents that only happen because that particular man is a perverted asshole; it happens because Patriarchy encourages this asshole behavior, to lower women into walking fucktoys no matter how much power and courage they display against Patriarchy.

Now, before any male reader accuses me of being a man-hater or “having issues” with male sexuality; it is not the existence of male…

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