Mr Abbott’s Witch Hunt-(Miglo)

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Witch hunt

Tony Abbott has promised to do many things if the LNP win the 2013 election. This promise, now a couple of months old, has been stuck in my craw: Driven by populism, not policy, he has promised to hold a judicial inquiry into Julia Gillard’s actions as a lawyer should the Coalition win the 2013 election. And have no doubts about it; he will hammer this issue religiously during the campaign. Not content to simply ‘ditch the witch’ he wants to conduct a witch hunt into irrelevant matters that were played out almost twenty years ago; matters that will mean absolutely zero to the country should Julia Gillard lose the 2013 election. Some of us would argue that those matters mean absolutely zero in this present day, but that’s another story. Twenty years later, on this irrelevant issue:

Mr Abbott insisted again that Ms Gillard had committed a crime in…

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  1. I have posted my comment over at TheAIMN, its quite long and because I’m an oldie who still hasn’t got to learn how to do desktop publishing and all of that stuff (groan), hope that you also go back and visit the comments there.
    The fact that here at iheariseeilearn, along with other great social media sites, are willing to join hands and support each other in what is probably the biggest challenge this nation has had to grapple with in decades, shows that we are all really trying to fight the good fight for democracy in this country.
    We all need to stand together, shoulder to shoulder, keep our communication channels open and protest loud and long. A single person thinks, oh, what’s the use, my voice can’t be heard, but it can be, if more and more people join together to voice our disapproval. Let us make sure that true democracy is given back to the people.
    We are being treated like mushrooms by the MSM and their owners, fed with compost and kept in the dark, away from what is and has really been going on in this country.

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