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There is an old movie line I often recall: A life filled with activity suggests a life filled with purpose.

I have no hesitation in borrowing that line in applying it is an apt portrayal of well-known Australian author and journalist; Margo Kingston. I’ve been a big fan of Margo’s since her book Not happy, John hit the shelves in 2004, so I was chuffed to be granted an interview with her last week. I was to discover just how active and purposeful her life has been, and still is, and that there is far more to Margo than the book which first introduced her to me.

But first, a little background.

Margo, a Queenslander, graduated from university with a degree in arts and law and practised as a solicitor in Brisbane before lecturing in commercial law in Rockhampton. The move to journalism saw her working for The Courier-Mail

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This post is another fabulous guest post by Kay Rollison, my mother. 

I’m following up on Victoria’s recent post on what Gillard is up against. Two pieces on the Drum on Thursday 21 February nicely illustrate a couple more of the sorts of attack that Gillard faces. Both articles, though they appear to be something else, are actually attacks on the Prime Minister.

The first is Jonathan Green’s An imminent assassin or Gillard’s final shield, which almost caused me to choke on my muesli. It purports to be an analysis of ALP leadership tensions, and is arguing that Kevin Rudd will not be able to mount a successful challenge to Julia Gillard for the same reason that he lost the prime ministership in the first place. That is, because he has no factional backing in the Labor caucus. But Green goes beyond this to suggest that Gillard is…

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“Deep Inside-A Study of 10,000 Porn Stars”–‘WITH OUR ANALYSIS’

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There’s a new “study” of sorts that has recently been done about porn performers — who they are, what they do, and what sort of sex acts are most popular in porn. It isn’t a formal study done by an academic, but is one done by someone interested in pornography, of the data available at a Wikipedia type of site for pornography. (The Internet Adult Film Database.) So the results aren’t exactly scientific, but they are somewhat revealing, and confirm just how depraved the current porn industry has increasingly become over the past few years.

Unsurprisingly, the growing trends are TEENS, anal sex, and infidelity, among others. Check out some of illuminating details below, excerpted from a blog post by the author of the study about the results of the study. We have put the author’s statements in quotes and italics, a few facts from the study summarized by us…

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we hunted the mammoth

The Man Boobz Pledge Drive continues. See here for more details, or click below to donate.

And now back to our regularly scheduled post:

Warren Farrell, whose 1993 book The Myth of Male Power essentially set the agenda for the Men’s Rights movement we know (and don’t love) today, did an “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit yesterday.

Most of the questions he chose to answer were pretty much softballs, and his answers largely reiterated things he’s said before many times. But he was also asked some pointed questions about his views on incest which he chose to answer. Well, sort of. Instead of clearing up the issue, he dug his hole a little deeper.

[TRIGGER WARNING for incest/child abuse apologia.]

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Tea Party Down Under Style-Meet Tony Abbott


We’ve heard this garbage before, but we’re used to hearing it from right wing crazy people here in America. But when a prominent politician and possible PM hopeful in Australia echoes Freedomworks‘ anti-Science stance on global climate change, it is cause for alarm. Tony Abbott pictured here, has gone on the record saying: ‘‘I don’t think we can say that the science is settled here’’ He went on to question whether ‘‘emissions are quite the problem that some people say they are’’, and argued, ‘‘whether carbon dioxide is quite the environmental villain that some people make it out to be is not yet proven.” This is contrary to the findings of roughly 97% of climate scientists who study the effects of man-made pollutants on our global ecosphere. Unfortunately, Australian politics is not laden with stars in the Labor party (which is akin to our Democratic Party in…

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Tony Abbott-‘The Woman’s Man’


If there is one thing I love it is learning something new. That’s why on Sunday when I was looking through the Sunday Telegraph my eyes lit up like a farmer’s water supply after the Coal Seam Gas Miners move in.

It turns out the ladies of Sydney’s West absolutely love Tony Abbott and will be voting for him in droves, what a revelation.

The cynic buried deep inside me initially thought that this is once again another sterling example of the right wing media trying to convince us all that black is in fact white after all. Yet another vain attempt to convince ladies in the West that they are all alone in hating Abbotts guts by talking down to them as if they are completely brain dead and don’t talk to their friends.

But in my haste I completely forgot some of the things that make the ladies of Western…

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The Invisible Sports people. Women and Girls.

the news with nipples

At the beginning of last week, twitter told me there were a couple of big things coming up in women’s sport: the Australian Open (golf) and the World Cup (cricket). I was curious to see what coverage they’d get in my paper of choice (Sydney Morning Herald – I don’t read News Ltd papers), so from Monday to Friday I counted the number of stories in the SMH sports section. I also counted the number of stories on the homepage around midday (when online newsrooms are well-staffed and the page is ready for the lunchtime increase in traffic, so theoretically any gaps in coverage have been identified and filled).

For the purposes of this short study, I counted everything with a byline, including opinion pieces. I also made a note of the small news briefs from wire services.

What I found was worse than I was expecting.


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