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TitleThis is a guest post by my sister Cat. Yes, there are now three bloggers in the Rollison family.

As this is my first ever post, I’ll briefly introduce myself.

My name is Cat Williams, but on twitter I am known as Catherine Rollison which is my maiden name.

I am 31 years old and I live in Adelaide with my husband Dave and our beloved dog Tully. I am a project manager in construction (currently working for Syntheo, who is building the National Broadband Network).

My main interests outside of the long and tireless hours I work, and aside from the obvious, being my family and friends, are AFL and politics.

Some of you may follow my sister, Victoria, and/or my mother, Kay, both of whom are prolific bloggers.

Victoria is my twin sister so apart from the same DNA, we share very similar opinions on many things: socialism…

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we hunted the mammoth


This completely reasonable and not-at-all hysterical cartoon apparently ran on a site called, which alas has gone the way of the dodo. I’m not sure if that was the original source. (I don’t think so; the hanged man’s hairstyle looks pretty 197os or 80s to me.) I’m also not sure why the members of “Today’s Lace Curtain Dominated Media” are wearing boxes on their heads. Or carrying what appears to be foliage. Or why the whole thing seems to be taking place on The Little Prince’s tiny planet.

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Tony Abbott says he’ll turn the boats back

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There’s nothing new about his foolhardy plan. He’s always made that bold claim, however it has now been celebrated with some pathetic journalism from the stable. Under this glaring headline “Tony Abbott says Indonesia will accept boats turned back” we see these amazing predictions.

Exactly how do you solve a boat?

And what is the true purpose of this article? It certainly says nothing to confrim how Tony Abbott will turn back the boats. It appears just another Labor bashing exercise to me, as the sub-headings would suggest.

Instead of making up this rubbish why doesn’t the media try reporting facts?

Here’s Fact 1:

Tony Abbott’s plan to send back all asylum-seeker boats has drawn…

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