Jeff Perera reflects on the Newtown tragedy by sharing how violence factored into three middle and elementary schools talks, a week after a public shooting in Toronto.

language of violence

The words ‘Hold’ and ‘Secure’ should be words of warmth that wrap around you, not words of fear that wrap around your ribcage so you can’t breath…


It’s 1:25 pm and I find myself standing on the outside of a locked classroom door.

Last summer I had been called to speak at a grade school in a neighbourhood stifled with poverty and violence.  A young man, who had attended the school many years prior, recently opened fire inside the food court of the Eaton Centre, Toronto’s largest shopping mall, killing two people on a busy Saturday afternoon.

I stood in the hallway waiting for the Grade 7 male students to arrive. I watched two young boys pass by and imagined the now infamous former student walk this very same…

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