From America to India, going out to see ‘Life of Pi’or being at a party should not be an event in your day where risk being harassed, raped or not coming back alive.

The Elephant

At the beginning of most of my talks, I tell the audience that I am an Elephant Hunter.

My parents moved from Sri Lanka to England and then Canada in the early 70’s. They brought along with them little wooden statues and paintings of elephants, even a vase made of an elephant tusk. As a little boy, I would hide under the table pretending to hunt the elephants scattered in our living room. Now, everywhere I go, whether a meeting, out shopping, on a campus, or sitting down with you, I am hunting elephants.

…oh, I don’t mean real elephants, I mean the Elephants in the Room…

You know, the conversations we don’t have…

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