In my ongoing exploration of the social nuances of #AusPol I have discovered some curious Twitter accounts. In the Twitterverse those who tweet longest, loudest and most often are either (a) Socially Savvy or (b) Social Spammers; or in this case (c) Political Social Spammers.

Take for example @LaborDirt – who with only 743 followers is churning out tweets at a rate of knots, effectively spamming the #auspol feed.

Let me introduce you to the spambots at work a la @GregHuntMP style as exposed in the Sydney Morning Herald on 21 January 2013.

A quick scan of #auspol on Twitter shows a constant stream of overtly anti-Labor rhetoric from the likes of:

(This list is by no means extensive – just a quick snapshot of the accounts whose tweets far outweigh their interactions and following.)

Is Social Propaganda in Australian Politics an effective weapon in election…

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