Drama! Men’s Rights Reddit threatened with shutdown after two of its mods are caught helping doxers

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Earlier this week, as you may recall, Men’s Rights Redditors pretended they were shocked – shocked! – that anyone might think that MRAs had anything to do with the doxing and harassment of that red-haired Canadian activist we’ve been discussing. Couldn’t be them! Had to be … trolls!

Then on Wednesday the Men’s Rights Redditors found a blog post by a woman claiming to be a “conservative feminist” with a recently minted doctorate who was working in her alma mater’s admissions office — and, she claimed, rejecting out of hand all the applications that she thought were “dripping with white male privilege.”

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Class Warfare. My Arse it is.

The Australian Independent Media Network

class warfare 2

What the hell is this class warfare everyone is talking about? I would have thought that there was less class distinction in Australia than in most countries. We do however have an attitude known as “them and us” syndrome. This phrase speaks of the wealthy who are privileged beyond conscience and then, well there’s us. The battlers with aspirations to also be wealthy (and I am assuming that class pre supposes wealth) but with the common sense to know that not everyone can be. Although if you are one of them of course (the wealthy) it does afford you a better class of education, of medical treatment and access to the law. In fact it gives you distinct societal advantages. Like tax havens, tax avoidance and superannuation discounts not available to us. Oh and I forgot negative gearing.

In the United States they worship the “Great American Dream”. That being…

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#Delhi- In 24 reports Gang Rape, sodomy and molestation


Class 10 girl raped by 3 men in Delhi


Dwaipayan Ghosh, TNN | Apr 18, 2013,

NEW DELHI: In the first incident, a 15-year-old girl studying in a government school was allegedly abducted from east Delhi by three property dealers in an SUV, taken to a flat at Sarojini Nagar and raped for over three hours. The brutalized girl was then dumped near the Sarojini Nagar market around 1pm, after being warned that her family will be murdered if she approached the police.While the main accused – Pradeep, 28, a father of two – has been arrested, the two others, Rahul, 23, and Amit, 24, are absconding. A case of gang rape and kidnapping has been registered at the New Ashok Nagar police station. Police said the victim, a resident of Dallupara in the New Ashok Nagar, was on her way to school on Wednesday morning around…

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Thatcher, Liberator

The Dish

[Re-posted from earlier today.]

I remember reading an article in the Washington Monthly back in the late 1980s by one of the smugger liberal British columnists, Polly Toynbee. It captured part of the true derangement that Margaret Thatcher brought out in her political foes. It was called simply: “Is Margaret Thatcher A Woman?” It’s still online. It was a vicious attack on her having any feminist credentials. It included this magnificent lie:

She has experienced nothing but advantage from her gender.

Toynbee’s case is worth hearing out, but it’s an instant classic of the worst British trait: resentment of others’ success. No culture I know of is more brutally unkind to its public figures, hateful toward anyone with a degree of success or money, or more willing to ascribe an individual’s achievements to something other than their own ability. The Britain I grew up with was, in this specific…

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