Being Conned with Bullshit (Part two)

The Australian Independent Media Network


Dumbing us down.

I confess to having been a news junkie all my life. An obsession with news generally and newspapers in particular started when I was around fourteen or fifteen.I would purchase a newspaper to read on the tram on my way to work and “The Herald” on my way home. When I grew older on Saturday nights I was at the news agency to buy the pink paper, the “Sporting Globe” to see if my name was in the sports columns. And as a teenage boy I confess to buying the odd copy of “The Truth” to satisfy my raging hormones. And I grew up with the familiar musical introduction to the ABC news. So news in all its mediums has formed a major part of the essence of my life and for the most part I trusted what it told me.

Those were the times when politics…

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