Class Warfare. My Arse it is.

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class warfare 2

What the hell is this class warfare everyone is talking about? I would have thought that there was less class distinction in Australia than in most countries. We do however have an attitude known as “them and us” syndrome. This phrase speaks of the wealthy who are privileged beyond conscience and then, well there’s us. The battlers with aspirations to also be wealthy (and I am assuming that class pre supposes wealth) but with the common sense to know that not everyone can be. Although if you are one of them of course (the wealthy) it does afford you a better class of education, of medical treatment and access to the law. In fact it gives you distinct societal advantages. Like tax havens, tax avoidance and superannuation discounts not available to us. Oh and I forgot negative gearing.

In the United States they worship the “Great American Dream”. That being…

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