The Creepy Voicemail Message I got from A Voice for Men’s most active activist, KARMA MRA MGTOW

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So a reporter from the Toronto Star recently contacted Paul Elam of A Voice for Men to ask him about the harassment and threats received by several student protesters at the University of Toronto after Elam and his associates identified and vilified them online, both on AVFM and on its bogus “offenders registry” called Register-Her . (You can read more about the harassment here, here and here; here’s the school’s official statement condemning the threats.)

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By- Rupen Ghosh, Facebook

Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay, born on this day in 1903 (April 3, 1903), should be remembered today for drawing attention to the revival and promotion of India’s rich and varied art and crafts, for championing of women’s rights, and as a social reformer, a fearless and committed freedom fighter and revolutionary. Committed to the causes of women empowerment, education, handicraft, theatre along with her contribution to the field of arts, crafts and writings, she was a remarkable person, who was endearingly referred to as a romantic rebel. Some credited her for initiating cultural renaissance in India. It is a pity that many in the present generation have not even heard of her name and her championing the role of women in the Indian freedom movement.

She came from a family background where her parents remained in touch with such prominent freedom fighters and intellectuals as

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‘Productive Ability’-David Keirsey

Professor Keirsey's Blog


The four kinds of ability are not equally distributed. Half of the population, fifty percent, are Guardians, born with logistical ability, Forty percent of the population are Artisans, born with tactical ability. That leaves a mere ten percent for the Idealists and Rationals, born with diplomatic ability in the case of Idealists, and strategic ability in the case of Rationals. Fortunately, the few Rationals can do all of the mobilizing, arranging, inventing, and designing needed. Unfortunately, the few Idealists are far too scarce to do all of the educating, counseling, advocating, and reconciling needed, education, especially, suffering from the shortage of Idealists.


Civilization would not prosper as it has these many centuries were it not for the preponderance of those born with logistical ability, the Guardians. Half the population, they see to it that procedures, products, materials, and possessions are safe and secure. The other beneficiaries, especially Artisans and Rationals…

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Being Conned with Bullshit (Part two)

The Australian Independent Media Network


Dumbing us down.

I confess to having been a news junkie all my life. An obsession with news generally and newspapers in particular started when I was around fourteen or fifteen.I would purchase a newspaper to read on the tram on my way to work and “The Herald” on my way home. When I grew older on Saturday nights I was at the news agency to buy the pink paper, the “Sporting Globe” to see if my name was in the sports columns. And as a teenage boy I confess to buying the odd copy of “The Truth” to satisfy my raging hormones. And I grew up with the familiar musical introduction to the ABC news. So news in all its mediums has formed a major part of the essence of my life and for the most part I trusted what it told me.

Those were the times when politics…

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