Why Are the Right So Feral?

The Australian Independent Media Network


Some time ago, I wrote a piece titled “Me Biased Never” It didn’t receive wide readership although I thought it covered the subject competently. Recent experiences have led me to revisit the subject with a side issue. Not just the issue of bias but another question. Moreover, I don’t in the least pretend to have all the answers. However, “why is the right as feral as it is?”

Recently some Facebook friends took it upon themselves to add my name to two pages. They were “Australian Government Your Say” It is administered by a Ross Parisi who I have since been told is a failed liberal right-wing politician. I cannot verify that, nor do I want to. The other Facebook page is called “The Middle Ground” Both pages purport to give their members the opportunity to debate political issues. Right Vs Left. Sounds even-handed.

I think the friends who pitched…

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