Meet France’s First Married Gay Couple


For a moment, the wedding on Wednesday felt like the most traditional of occasions, as Nat King Cole’s classic song “Love Was Made for Me and You” blared out of the speakers, and an ecstatic couple made their way down the aisle. But there was one difference: the couple were both men.

France’s first gay marriage, officiated in the town hall of Montpellier in front of hundreds of people, was as much the culmination of a bitter political battle as the fruits of a great love. That much was clear as Vincent Autin and Bruno Boileau sat listening hand in hand to the speech of Montpellier Mayor Hélène Mandroux, who stood before a portrait of President François Hollande and told them, moments before they took their vows, “Our society cannot have any prejudices.” In a hall jammed with politicians, photographers and television crews, Mandroux called the wedding, broadcast live on French…

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