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Now and again a blogger will make a comment that could easily be a post on its own. It’s the type of comment that could attract a response or a discussion in its own right. I believe that Fed up has provided us with one such example and I take the liberty of reproducing it here. Fed up, for a bit of background, is not a big fan of Kevin Rudd and was not happy about the circumstances surrounding his re-elevation as Prime Minister, but through it all has not had her logic dessert her.

Read what she had to say:

The fact that Rudd now has chance of winning, is not due to any greatness on his part. It will be due to a weak Abbott.

Abbott, from day one believed that he needed no policies. All he had to do was attack Gillard, not Labor, and he…

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Are Women Worthless Strumpets Because They Don’t Wear Men’s Suits to Work?

we hunted the mammoth

When you look at the above picture — a group portrait of the Congressional freshman class of 2013 — what’s the first thing that pops into your head? Maybe something along the lines of “there sure are a lot of white dudes in that picture!”

Not if you’re “Emmanuel Goldstein” over at Roosh V’s Return of Kings blog. No, he looked at that same picture and thought: American women sure are a bunch of worthless attention whores!

Why? Because some of the women in the picture have the temerity to wear … bright colors!

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The media & the PM – a matter of ethics


Denis Muller is Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for Advancing Journalism at University of Melbourne.

In an article in The Conversation, he discusses how lapses in ethics helped to end the career of Australia’s first female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard.

“For those of us who have never met Julia Gillard, our perceptions of her are based almost entirely on what we see, hear and read of her in the media. These perceptions are then reflected in public opinion polling, and the publication of these poll results tends to reinforce the perceptions. It becomes a self-perpetuating cycle.”

From Mr Muller’s profile (worth reading in full):

From 1984 until he left newspapers in 1993, he worked closely with Irving Saulwick, one of Australia’s leading public opinion pollsters, in the management and writing of the Saulwick Poll which was published in The Age as AgePoll and in the…

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What’s on the Menu? Part 2

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A couple of weeks ago, I posted “What’s on the Menu” about the Mal Brough dinner. Someone who works in the hospitality industry raised a number of concerns with me about what people were saying. This person – who I’ll call “Barry” – expressed the view that it was very likely that the people working on the night would have been agency staff, so the idea that they’d be afraid of losing their job didn’t strike him as plausible. Most restuarants, he said, just had a skeleton staff, and used agencies when they had a function such as the one where the infamous menu appeared. (Or didn’t appear!)

“Barry” said that working in hospitality was a hard gig, so people often joked around, so the idea of a fake menu didn’t strike him as implausible. As for the idea that it would be put on the table, well, they have…

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Women in journalism: Reading list for 6/23/2013

The Gender Report

The Gender Report provides a weekly round-up of links to online articles that may be of interest to our readers. The links below are to noteworthy articles on topics related to women in journalism and the media during the past week. Articles included in this feature do not necessarily reflect the views of The Gender Report or its writers. View past week’s round-ups here.

Reading List

#WomenEdsWeLove creator: Female editors ‘are not invisible’ & ‘they’re not that hard to find’ (Poynter)

Robbie Myers: Yes, Women’s Magazines Can Do Serious Journalism. In Fact, We’ve Been Doing It For A While (ELLE Magazine)

Here’s Why Women’s Magazines Don’t Produce “Serious” Journalism (XX Factor)

The WiCi Awards: Recognizing Women Changing Communications (Mashable)

Male Fox News guest to female Democratic consultant: “Know your role and shut your mouth” (Salon)

Why Trolling is Worse For…

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The Only Poll that Matters – seriously!

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I was going to start with a little story but I read a column in “The Age” today. And I’m pleased to say that after last week with their column from Nicole Flint calling Abbott the “thinking woman’s candidate” and their editorial calling on Gillard to stand down, they’ve restored some balance: They have an article from an ex-Labor State MP… calling on Gillard to stand down. But they’ve balanced this by another opinion piece saying that Labor shouldn’t put their hopes in Rudd because he’s too flawed.

Of course, I’m all too aware of the irony of writing a blog about how we’re all sick of people talking about the topic of this blog, so I thought I’d start will a story that has nothing to do with politics.

Once upon a time, Keith and Leanne were a couple, but someone stole Leanne away. Keith was bitter and started…

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