Rupert’s Rogue Newspoll

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Rupert Murdoch owns Newspoll. It’s his plaything, his own machine for generating self-fulfilling prophecy and manipulating the public mind. Let’s make no mistake about this. Since the latest Newspoll of voting intentions was released on Monday showing a huge increase in Coalition support and a huge slump in support for the ALP, the media, the Coalition folks and some disaffected/destructive Labor people have been having a lovely time. Most of us saw and/or heard the headlines.

But Newspoll is often out of step with the other polls, and this week they were hugely out of step.

How could we possibly be expected to believe that in the last week, the Coalition leapt by 3 percentage points while Labor dropped a full percentage point?

And yet many in the media either fell for it, or pretended to.

Bob Ellis, whose work on opinion polls is usually on the ball, had this…

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