Graphical Manipulations #39: Meja, Ejakashun, Drones, The Rat And That PC!

Deknarf: The Australia Blog

Thought it might be wise to maintain a higher moral tone in the Graphical Manipulations scene this time and not descend into the cesspit of menu’s of misogyny, the grubbiness of the warped and twisted minds of the Sattler shock jocks, and the pretentious whining of the sewer mining mainstream media Ackerman’s (and his ilk) and their paltry attempts to defend the indefensible and their infinite capability to believe that degradation and insult directed at Australia’s Prime Minister is de riguer!  Remind me to pop around and make disgusting suggestions and tell puerile 10 year old smutty jokes to your wives sometime! I’m sure that they’ll just laugh and laugh!!

When such behaviour reaches the international media, which it now has, you know that a nasty, self-serving, whatever it takes NO Coalition and its leader Phoney Tony Abbott, with complicit support of the msm mentioned above have finally drawn…

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