Tony Abbott to launch “targeted military operation” against boat refugees

The Australian Independent Media Network

“Colonel Klink” Abbott – “I know nothing”

Tony Abbott, the man who thinks he is entitled to be Prime Minister, has put out a press release explaining “Operation Sovereign Borders”. Posted on Tony Abbott’s website, found here Operation Sovereign Borders

Tony Abbott says:

Posted on Thursday, 25 July 2013
A Coalition government will establish a military-led response to combat people smuggling and to protect our borders – Operation Sovereign Borders.

There is a national emergency on our borders.

The facts speak for themselves. Since Kevin Rudd dismantled the Coalition’s border protection policies in 2008:

· More than 1,000 people have perished at sea;
· Over 48,000 people have arrived on almost 800 illegal boats;
· More than 23,000 illegal arrivals are currently in the immigration detention network or on bridging visas;
· More than 6,000 children have had their lives put at risk by travelling on illegal boats; and

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