Too little too late

Media Inequality

mouse-on-wheelThe switch has been flicked. Extraordinary. I have seen more reporting of government policy in mainstream press over the last week than I saw in the last three years. This is probably an exaggeration, but isn’t perception reality? All I remember seeing throughout 2010 to 2013 was yet another report about Gillard’s ‘unstable grip on the leadership of the Labor Party’.

Political journalists treat their readers like idiots by pretending that they got the Labor leadership call right. How dare they now pretend to be innocent bystanders and justify their newfound interest in political policy by saying it was all Gillard’s fault that they couldn’t report her policy success. Because when you’re saying something is going to happen for years and it eventually does happen, you still just look like an obsessive, one-track mind with a Murdoch narrative that no journalist had the courage to rise above. A broken clock…

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Special K


I have held back on writing my opinion on last week’s dramatic turn of events in Canberra, however now the dust has started to settle I will have my little vent for what it’s worth.

It is fair to say on the evening of the 26th June I was quite taken aback and utterly devastated that our first female Prime Minister could be outed in such a fashion.

I make no apologies for being a fan of Gillard, her achievements speak for themselves.

As I write this the National Disability Insurance Scheme has just started to kick in which will transform the lives of many Australians, this was long overdue and was initiated, negotiated, and put in motion by Prime Minister Gillard.

We have had major education reform, with a huge investment in the education of our youth, and with GONSKI already signed and sealed in the biggest state

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Men’s Rights Redditors (still) can’t tell misogynistic caricatures of women from the real thing

we hunted the mammoth

It’s a challenge for every serious writer of fiction: how to write convincing characters of the opposite sex.* Some writers can pull it off, some — even eminent ones — can’t. James Joyce is still getting props for the way he got into Molly Bloom’s dirty, dirty mind; Tom Wolfe was nearly laughed out of the sorority by some critics when he wrote a book from the point of view of a college student named Charlotte Simmons.  (And it’s not just men who get accused of not being able to think outside their own gender: an essay in Salon not long ago suggested that Girls creator Lena Dunham “can’t write men.”)

We can add one more name to the long list of male authors who can’t write women: The fellow who calls himself fish_finger on Reddit.

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