Independence ref: It’s the ‘Braveheart tendency’ vs the women of Scotland. When Women Don’t Vote for Women.

PSA Women and Politics Specialist Group

Cameron’s problem with women: Female voters desert Tories … Daily Mail David Cameron suffered a double blow yesterday with two new polls showing he is haemorrhaging support in marginal seats and among women voters. One survey found that Labour’s lead is widening in the 40 seats Mr Cameron must win because Tory voters are defecting to Ukip.

In 32 seats where Labour is challenging the Conservatives, Ed Miliband’s lead has grown from 9 to 14 points over the last two years. That would put Labour on course for a majority of 60 in 2015, suggests the survey by former Tory donor Lord Ashcroft.

Clegg warns Miliband and Cameron: Scottish voters want greater …The Guardian Nick Clegg has warned Ed Miliband and David Cameron that their parties need to rally behind the Liberal Democrats by offering Scottish voters the clear option of greater powers in next year’s independence referendum.

In an implicit criticism of Labour and…

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