More Lebanese women entering politics. Pakistani Women In Politics: Slow Progress, Mighty Obstacles.

PSA Women and Politics Specialist Group


Egypt rights groups demand quotas for women in parliament Al-Arabiya Egypt’s womens rights groups are demanding that a future constitution currently being drafted include a quota for their participation in parliament.

Across the country, women’s rights organizations are holding conferences and lobbying campaigns to ensure their representation in the parliament.

The Egyptian Women Union this week invited members of the panel drafting the constitution to a meeting to discuss the role of women in Egypt’s political roadmap.

The National Council for Women (NCW) also called this month on the 50-member panel to make sure that women’s quota system is applied at least for two election cycles in order to “the people’s culture.”

More Lebanese women entering politics Channel News Asia At the end of 2011, women made up about 10 per cent of all parliamentarians in Arab states – far below the 19.5 per cent figure worldwide.

However, some women in the region…

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