UK: Cameron has a women problem. Cameron gears up to say hello again to Mondeo Man. Labour MP Blasts Cameron’s Record on Women.

PSA Women and Politics Specialist Group

David Cameron has a women problem The Independent David Cameron has a big task this week – to win back the 50 per cent of the electorate who reckon he’s not on their wavelength. Poll after poll shows women are deserting the Tories, and when interviewed by Red magazine to coincide with his party conference, the PM managed to shoot himself in the foot.

When asked if he was a feminist, Dave “spent a long time staring out of the window” before waffling “um … I don’t know what I’d call myself …it’s up to others to attach labels, but I believe men and women should be treated equally”.

Feminism is not just about quotas, but about making sure women are not disadvantaged, and his track record – starting with the number of women in Cabinet – is pretty feeble.

Labour MP Blasts Cameron’s Record on Women Labour shadow cabinet member Chris Bryant has branded…

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