THE HORRIBLE KID – Part II: A tale from the Lone Arranger

Your Kids Aren't Sick

Horrible Kid 2

Chapter II: Time for Change

The family moved at the end of the school year.  Gloria (Guardian/Inspector for the temperament trained) knew she had marketable skills.  Having hired a number of bookkeepers in my career, I know how valuable they can be to an organization.  Gloria found a job before she moved.  She was frugal, God-fearing, simply dressed and, in a word, dutiful.

They moved to one of a dozen or so small, isolated towns that make up the “upper” and “lower” deserts in Southern California.  I asked Gloria why she picked this particular location.  “I asked a friend at work,” she said.  “I told her I wanted to stay close enough so I could visit Orange County, but far enough away so there aren’t many people – or neighbors.  She told me about this place.”

She found a home the first weekend she and her mother, Eleanor, went looking. …

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