Best wildlife photos of 2013

Why Evolution Is True

My Modern Met, an art site that doesn’t seem to be connected with New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, has just published the results of its Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013 contest. And the prizewinners are great—even better than National Geographic’s annual winners.

I’m putting up seven out of 18 photographs, and it was a hard choice. I’ve also copied the captions so you can see how they were made.

Perhaps some of you will cry “Photoshop,” and perhaps the exposure or saturation were changed on a computer, or the photos were cropped, but I highly doubt that any of these are pure put-up jobs.

Go over to the site and see the rest.

This first one is the Grand Title Winner:


Mother’s Little Headful
One night, Udayan camped near a nesting colony of gharials on the banks of the Chambal River – two groups of them, each…

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