The Petrie Multiplier – a mathematical model of sexism….

The Petrie Multiplier

The Double Parent:

“So let’s get this straight: the luckiest woman out of 10 experiences worse sexism than the unluckiest man out of 40.”

A Dundee University lecturer has come up with a mathematical model to explain why women in computer science bear the brunt of sexism. Senior lecturer, Dr Karen Petrie, demonstrates how being in a minority makes someone more vulnerable to sexist comments.

“This has been a particularly good way to demonstrate it, so it is mathematical and there are no feelings involved,” said Dr Petrie.  The school of computing academic said her research on sexism in tech jobs was not an attack on men, as it assumed men and women were equally sexist.

“This isn’t anti-men. Even if men and women are making the same level of sexist comments, if women are in the minority they bear the brunt of it.”

Her findings impressed Professor Ian Gent from the school…

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