The rise and rise of secrecy

The Sniper

Compilation and comment by Barry Tucker

The Australian Liberal-National Party coalition government elected with a large majority on 7 September, 2013, is exhibiting an unpleasant and unwelcome tendency towards secrecy.

The national leader (I refuse to use the title of Prime Minister in relation to this person), Tony Abbott, announced his intention to make himself scarce soon after the election and has kept his word. This is in stark contrast to his behaviour during the previous four years: constant Suspension of Standing Orders stunts in parliament as Opposition leader, constant appearances in fluro vest or hard hat at photo opportunities in shops, factories, workplaces in general, as well as wide publicity for his Pollie Pedal charity event and his bush fire-fighter volunteer appearances. It seems he could never get enough publicity to satisfy himself. On top of that, most of the news and entertainment media, commercial and taxpayer funded, was…

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