Feminism is Sensational


Feminism is sensational.

This is the first sentence of a lecture I am due to give at a conference in Paris tomorrow on “Willfulness and Feminist Subjectivity.”

I want to think more of the many ways in which this sentence is true.  Something might be described as “sensational” when it provokes great excitement and interest. Feminism is sensational in this sense; even if what is provocative about feminism seems to be at times what makes feminism a set of arguments that is hard to deliver. We learn about the feminist cause by the bother feminism causes! My own impression is that there is a burgeoning interest in feminism involving not only an increasing sense of the necessity of protesting against violence against women, against how poverty or the cuts in public spending disproportionately affect women, a revival of feminist marching, but also an increasing interest in some “older” feminist concepts and vocabularies, ones…

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For My Daughter

Patrick F. Clarkin, Ph.D.

Every so often, some occurrence comes along that throws life into a new orbit. My trajectory was recently shifted by such an event – I fell in love with a girl. She’s much younger than me: not even a week old, in fact. And she happens to have half of my chromosomes, as daughters tend to do. She is healthy, and both she and her mother are doing well. I find myself carrying her around the house, just staring at her face. When she’s awake and looks back at me, which is mostly late at night unfortunately, it’s magical.

Obviously, we knew this day was coming. We’re not ready to plan her entire life out for her just yet (not until she’s at least a month old). But for a while now I’ve been thinking about what it will be like to be a father to a baby girl…

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