The Premise of Madness

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The Premise of Madness

The following is one of Dr. David West Keirsey’s last distillations of his work on “Madness”.  Even I forget that he even included the method of intervention.

“Though this is madness, yet there’s method in it” — Shakespeare

The Factors of Madness

Methodic — mad action is a means of defining interpersonal relations
Entranced — mad action occurs only when one is socially unaware
Nonsensical — mad action makes no sense to those present
Designed — mad action is precisely relevant to those present
Habitual — mad action is repeated often from time to time
Disguised — mad action is exclusively role playing
Staged — mad action occurs only on circumscribed occasions
Defensive — mad action protects the player from being found unworthy

A person who fails to live up to expectations can be demoralized, that is either depersonalized or demobilized or beguiled or besieged. Which one of these kinds of demoralization befalls a person is pre-determined…

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