UK: Wizard of Oz-based polling adds little to public knowledge. Miliband: Women’s pay ‘fallen by £2.5k in three years’

PSA Women and Politics Specialist Group

Inspiration for rare snarky headline: But women prefer ‘all heart, no brains’ while men favour ‘brains, no … Daily Mail Voters want Britain to be run by a Tin Man politician who is ‘all brains and no heart’, according to new polling based on the Wizard of Oz which will be seen as a boost for David Cameron.

In a blow for Ed Miliband’s emotional pitch to the electorate, fewer people would vote for a Scarecrow, who is ‘all heart and no brains’. The survey of voters in the UK is based on polling which has successfully predicted the outcome of US Presidential elections.

Miliband: Women’s pay ‘fallen by £2.5k in three years’ ITV News The cost of living crisis is “hitting woman particularly hard” with their wages falling “by £2,500 in three years” because of stagnant wages and inflating prices, Ed Miliband has claimed.

The Labour leader denied to Daybreak that focusing on the…

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