Fight Sexist Stereotypes With Shampoo

Feminist Philosophers

This ad actually does a pretty nice job of summing up in a minute the power and persuasion of some of the current sexist stereotypes floating around our culture.

However, in an expected non-twist (it being a commercial), the video ends with the advice that, in order to avoid these double standards, one should just buy the right shampoo.

I find it extra amusing (and bemusing) that the ad can’t even demonstrate the efficacy of its own advice.  The woman at the very end supposedly has beaten the “show off” stereotype with her shiny hair, but…there’s nothing in the ad showing that to be the case. The word “show off” has miraculously melted from the sidewalk beneath her feet, but the suggestion is still in our heads.  I found myself still easily fitting the woman under the heading of “show off.” The ad created no cognitive dissonance that might allow…

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