Sex, Butts & Orgasms: Cathy Reisenwitz Responds to Julie Borowski

Spatial Orientation

ThreesomeRecently, I weighed in on Julie Borowski’s hypocritical YouTube video, which is supposed to be about libertarian women, or the lack thereof. It rapidly digresses into some whacked out tangent about magazines, casual sex, lip gloss, eyeliner, and handbags.

Ironically enough, if you visit Julie’s blog and look at her bio, the second sentence begins with, “Believer in capitalism, individual liberty, and peace.” I find this hilarious since she apparently has a problem with magazines containing content she disagrees with and accessory manufacturers responding to consumer demand. The next obvious contradiction is between the notion of individual liberty and the shaming of casual sex. Which leads me, once again, to my conclusion that people like Julie and Tom Woods, who rushed to defend her against those monstersat BHL, have a problem with anyone who fails their purity test. Of course, said purity test is not to be self…

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