The Hijacking of Political Correctness


I must admit to being impressed by how effectively words that focus on privilege and oppression have been distorted, trashed, and hijacked. It’s gotten so bad that even Susan Sarandon won’t call herself a feminist anymore.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. Privilege is not for nothing. Having power means getting to decide what’s broadcast and put into print, what’s news and what’s not, what’s taught in classrooms or debated in public, whether to admire or ridicule. It takes a toll.

What happened to the idea of being ‘politically correct’ is a case in point, although more complicated than your typical hijacking. The reason is not just how it’s been turned into an insult, but what happened to the meaning of ‘political’ along the way.

Politics has to do with collective power in social systems, how it gets distributed and used in everything from families to whole societies, including systems…

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