A 14-Year-Old Girl Sailed Around the World — And She Brought a Camera


You may remember this news story from about five years ago: a 13-year-old Dutch girl, Laura Dekker, wanted to sail around the world on her own. Her family had a deep connection to boats and the sea — Laura was even born on a boat — but the Dutch government intervened and attempted to block her from going. She prevailed and set out, 14 by then, for what would become a two-year-long, 27,000-mile trip that would take her around the globe and beyond.

What you won’t remember, though, because the fact didn’t make it into the general discourse about whether Dekker should be allowed to undertake the trip, is that Laura Dekker had a camera with her. In a collaboration with first-time director Jillian Schlesinger (who was not on board the ship but met up with Dekker at a few stops along the way), the young sailor recorded the bulk…

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