Libertarians: Stop Cozying Up To The Political Right

Spatial Orientation

Anarchy HeartThis is written in haphazard haste, so deal with it. But I wanted to underscore a couple of points from a great blogpost (hat tip: Cathy) that I don’t necessarily agree with in it’s entirety (but what else is new). However, here is the main takeaway, which is spot on:

I myself believe that Rand Paul is one of the best politicians when it comes to issues such as fiscal responsibility and ending government violations of privacy and due process. There is some talk of him being the Republican Party candidate for president in 2016. However, I have to say that I am not even open to voting for Rand Paul …


I should state my belief that if a racist homophobe becomes the standard bearer of libertarianism, it will damage the movement greatly by turning off young people, women, gays, and racial minorities. There is already an…

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