Bosnia’s wartime rape survivors losing hope of justice

Stop Making Sense

Stuart Hughes reports for BBC News:

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The Bosna, the river that gave this country its name, flows northwards through the city of Zenica, slicing it in two. On its banks, the chimney stacks of the giant steelworks in the centre of the city funnel thick smoke into the surrounding valley. In the garden of a women’s refuge overlooking the plant, Lejla describes the brutality she suffered as a teenager.

“I was 14 and living with my grandmother when the war began,” she says. “I was captured and spent three years in a prison camp, where we were forced to do manual labour. Later, I was separated from the rest of the prisoners along with three other women and taken to a house. “The soldiers would drink. We would have to serve them like slaves and they would rape us.”

Estimates for the number of women like…

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